FROONT version one goes live!

After months of work and a pile of feedback processed, we are thrilled to announce FROONT version one. We believe that the time has come to revise not only our tools, but the whole workflow, optimising the process of responsive web design.

FROONT becomes an open web design platform making sharing responsive web design as easy as sharing a file. We call it open web design because open means collaboration and together we are stronger. Pages created with FROONT are available for other designers to get inspired, be improved and used as a building block for something new. Read our Manifesto to get the whole picture on why it matters!

With the FROONT platform it is easy to follow designers you like or collaborate on a project by bouncing ideas back and forth with your team or the client. We also improved how the editor works, revamped the library of widgets and simplified the user interface.

What's new

  • A new platform of open web design, to make sharing and discovering responsive designs easier
  • Redesigned user profile pages
  • The FROONT editor's interface is improved
  • Fully revamped Library
  • A domain name can be added to a page
  • Added the ability to change profile image
  • A ton of minor stability improvements and bug fixes

What's next

This is not the end, beautiful friend. We keep moving forward improving FROONT on a daily basis therefore we value your input a lot! We are working to make collaboration within teams even easier, the editing faster, the exported code friendlier. Stay tuned!

Interested to learn more? Read about us on TechCrunch or watch a video.

A designer coming from the world of print into the world of web. Co-founder of FROONT – a web tool that makes web design visual and life of a web designer nicer.