Product Launch: The new Froont Instant

We are happy to announce our new line of products for business. Froont Instant is all about integration with your existing services to help you add new capabilities to your products and grow your business. Both products – Instant Page Builder and Page Customizer can be embedded directly into your service with our powerful APIs. The user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use so that users can get the results instantly.

Froont Instant Page Builder

Froont Instant Page Builder

Now it's easy to extend your existing product or service by adding a page building feature to it. Simply connect to our API, and you're ready to go. Our default page components are optimized for lead generation pages, but the component library can be customized to fit your visual language or made completely from scratch to match with your data structure – static and dynamic. Your users can build landing pages for marketing campaigns, specialized microsites or publish digital books. As long as the page content can be divided into repeatable blocks Instant Page builder can handle it.

Froont Instant Page Customizer

Froont Instant Page Customizer

Froont Instant Page Customizer is best suited for pages that are similar across the whole user base. For instance, you have a service that creates event landing pages. With the Instant Customizer, you can give your users the ability to personalize the design – either just by changing the colors and content or the whole layout.

Why to choose Froont Instant?

The end-user expects the ability to personalize the content she creates, but building and maintaining your own page builder or customizer in-house can take away the attention from your core business. Instant Builder and Customizer can save months of development time and give you a feature that's easy to use and your users will love. We are improving Froont Instant constantly, so that you can focus on what you are good at.

Features that make our Instant products stand out:

  • Responsive from the start
  • Data is stored on your side
  • Custom tailored components for your business
  • Easy to add new component blocks using Froont Designer
  • Define the level of customization for users based on the plan they are on

Want to learn more? Check out Froont Instant.

About Froont

We started Froont responsive page builder in 2012. Since then we have built one of the most flexible page builders in the market. Now we bring the know-how we learned into the B2B market with our Froont Instant product line for businesses.

A designer coming from the world of print into the world of web. Co-founder of FROONT – a web tool that makes web design visual and life of a web designer nicer.