A new Froont v1.8 is live

Today we are excited to announce a new version of our responsive web design tool Froont. We've been working on it for quite a while. Focusing on the product itself is also the reason why we were keeping low profile in terms of the communication in the last months. Check out our new product video! There is a quick video of two new features – Animations and Popups:

What's new in v1.8

There are plenty of stability and performance fixes since our previous version update. As well as new features that allow building more sophisticated web pages. These are the major ones:

Main features:
  • Popup (lightbox) view for images and any other type of content
  • On load animations directly from the right hand-side panel (thanks, Dan!)
  • Thousands of royalty free images from Unsplash right in the library
  • Linea icons are added to the library. Now you have thousands of icons to choose from

and fixes are made on a daily basis, this is a list of the main ones

  • Improved code export
  • Auto alignment improvements pressing horizontal and vertical alignment buttons
  • A better grids mechanism, that allows easy adding new columns, reversing the order and having equal height columns
  • You can add color overlays on background images
  • Enhanced navigation widgets that allows adding logo and make it stick on the top of the screen
  • Text and object classes (styles) allow changing the look of multiple elements at once
  • Enhanced library widgets that automatically update to the document classes
  • Alt and title properties for a better control over SEO
  • Improved paste/delete performance and stability
  • Resetting changes in the widget or resetting the whole breakpoint is easier (new UI)
  • Updated dragging/resize engine – by visually resizing elements, minimal width is changed instead of the width
  • Updated the mechanism that handles corrupted projects so that it always reverts to the latest backup
  • Borders and shadows pane is added for easier access

What's next

Froont 2 is already on the way and we are rolling out beta version soon. Some of the features are a native multi-page support, advanced galleries that allow easy switching between different gallery types and much more. You can sign up on the beta list here.

A designer coming from the world of print into the world of web. Co-founder of FROONT – a web tool that makes web design visual and life of a web designer nicer.